About Me


My Skills

During my coding engineering program at Columbia University, I honed my Full Stack Web development skills in various languages and technologies such as: HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap, Mongodb, Express, Node.js, React.js, AJAX/Axios, and more.


I’m Kimberly Suares

I’m a Full Stack Web Developer specializing in health focused applications. My coding journey started almost six years ago,  after I took an online business course. I quickly fell in love with creating something from scratch, after completing a WordPress website as my first homework assignment.


During  my years of learning to code, I volunteered at a local hospital called New York Presbyterian Methodist, where I visited patients; asked them questions, and provided them information about their aftercare once they were discharged. This hospital used limited technology to interact with patients, and that’s when I realized how technology could effectively and efficiently save patients lives!


Today, I build various applications to help users create healthier lifestyles, establish a deeper understanding of their medical health, and organize their information.
As a graduate of Columbia University’s Coding Engineering Bootcamp, I have developed invaluable skills and knowledge in a variety of coding languages such as: JavaScript, jQuery,  React.js, Bootstrap, Mongodb, Express.js, Node.js, AJAX/Axios, and more.